The Movement

Hand in Hand International is a global movement of young people working together to make a difference in the world through acts of kindness.

We are dedicated to revolutionizing kindness in its entirety: from recognizing it, to committing to it, to spreading it around the world.We do this through our global kindness events, which include: World Kindness Day, Free Hugs Day and Volunteer Week, just to name a few. Meanwhile, we also work collaboratively to provide  children with access to education by fundraising to build schools in communities in need around the world.

We believe that kindness and education at the two key components to solving the world’s largest and most pressing issues, and so we work together, ‘hand in hand’, to share them.

The Hand in Hand International Analogy:

“We are the water amongst the lands”

If one were to take planet Earth and make each peace of land represent an organization that works on helping eliminate poverty and promoting positive community development, then Hand in Hand International would be the water on planet Earth: the alliance and harmony amongst these wonderful organizations (lands)… the unity of the people of the world who work together to emit positive change and end poverty.