Global Involvement

Hand in Hand teams unite in a number of events throughout the year.

The kindness project which we are most focused on is fundraising to provide children with access to education through school building projects around the globe.


Since 2009, Hand in Hand teams worked together and collectively committed to two major global kindness initiatives:

Adopting Two Villages – Raised $42,230

In 2010 together we raised $42,230 to adopt two villages: Bagad, India and Moyamba, Sierra Leone through programming offered by the charity: Free the Children.

Each village has been provided with:

  • a school and educational programming
  • access to clean drinking water
  • better health care
  • alternative income sources

Bagad Community Profile (India)

Moyamba Community Report (Sierra Leone)

Sponsoring an Orphanage – Raised $1525

In 2010 we raised $1525 and sponsored an orphanage in Thailand through programming organized by the MannaRelief charity. 25 children were sponsored with a one-year’s supply of natural food supplements and vitamins to help keep them healthy on a daily basis while attending school.

More Information about nutrition and its effect on education: