Local Involvement

Hand in Hand Hamburg, supporting the local Red Cross Society in Germany

Hand in Hand members make kindness a lifestyle. They strive to embody compassion in their daily lives, through simple acts such as opening the door for someone, sending a friend a surprise card, volunteering at a local soup kitchen, and keeping a smile on throughout the day, just to name a few.Hand in Hand teams commit to a cause that they are passionate about, and organize service projects around that cause.

TO DATE: To date, Hand in Hand has been serving in 10 different regions around the world: from Dunedin, New Zealand all the way to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Projects have included food drives, empowerment speaking tours in schools, global-awareness events, and volunteering at local events.

Hand in Hand Panama supports senior citizens in their local hospital in Panama city

Hand in Hand Montreal uses their meal plan money to feed the homeless on their Sandwich Patrol